GENTS DRY CLEANING                    From

Two Piece Suit                                    £8.50

Three Piece Suit                                 £11.50

Evening Suit                                       £ 9.00

Three Piece Evening Suit                   £11.95

Jacket                                                 £6.00

Trousers                                              £4.50

Tie                                                       £2.75

Waistcoat                                            £4.00

Cardigan                                             £4.50

Jumper                                                £4.50

Heavy Jumper                                     £6.00

Shirt                                                     £2.75

Short to ¾ Coat                                   £7.95

Full Coat                                              £10.50

Raincoat                                              £8.95

LADIES DRY CLEANING                     From

Two Piece Trouser Suit                        £8.50

Two Piece Dress Suit                           £11.00

Blouse                                                  £3.50

Dress (Plain)                                         £8.50

Dress (Silk)                                           £9.95

Evening Dress (Plain)                           £15.00

Skirt (Plain)                                            £5.50

Skirt (Pleated)                                        £6.50

Scarf                                                      £3.50

Pashmina/Shawl                                    £5.95

Top                                                        £4.50


Express Next Day Service                   +25%

Silk/Linen per item                               +£1.00

Beaded or Sequined                            +25%

Velvet or Cashmere                              +25%

Children’s                                              -25%

Excessively Soiled                                +25%   


Please Note: Owing to the wide range of styles, materials and elaboration of articles handled, it is not possible to publish a comprehensive list of all variations.  The Prices charged are based on the time and skill involved.  *same Day/Next day express service is subject to availability.  **We cannot guarantee the removal of stains.  ***Shirt Price for limited time only.